Week 7


7: Electronic Music II – Electronica

New approaches to electronic music



  • Stockhausen et al. – ‘Stockhausen vs. the Technocrats’, in Cox & Warner, 2004
  • Eno – ‘Ambient Music’ in Cox and Warner, 2004
  • Eno – ‘The studio as compositional tool’ in Cox and Warner, 2004
  • Cascone – ‘The aesthetics of failure: Post-Digital Tendencies in Contemporary Computer Music’ in Cox and Warner, 2004
  • Neill – ‘Breakthrough Beats: Rhythm and the aesthetics of contemporary electronic music’ in Cox & Warner, 2004




Guided Study Week: Choice of Major Essay Title

During weeks 7-12 you are asked to plan, draft and re-draft an essay of 1,500 words on one of the following titles. 

  1. Is there a distinction between sonic art and everyday auditory experience?
  2. Compare Steve Reich’s ‘Come Out’, ‘Pendulum Music’ and Alvin Lucier’s ‘I am sitting in a room’ as examples of process music.
  3. Identify the main trends in the evolution of electronic music from its beginnings to the present day.
  4. How does the process of listening to electronic music differ from listening to traditional music?
  5. Choose a composer/musician active in the 20th or 21st century and compare their work in electronic music with developments in the other arts (literature, architecture, sculpture, visual arts, theatre, dance, etc.).