Week 8


8: Round and Round […and Round]

Process music







Discussion of lecture material.

Discuss history and other manifestations of minimalism:

The origins of musical minimalism: Erik Satie: The Unsent Letters of Erik Satie


Abstract Expressionists in art: Jackson PollockMark RothkoWillem de Koonin and in music: Schoenberg (Pierrot Lunaire), Berg

From German Expressionism, Futurism, Cubism, etc.

Minimalists: Sol LeWittRichard Serra, Rauschenberg (White Painting)

European: Kazimir MalevichYves KleinPiet Mondrian

In music: La Monte Young (Dreamhouse, Second Dream), Stockhausen Stimmung

Effect of minimalism on popular music styles: Velvet Underground (Andy Warhol, Lou Reed (Heroine)), Brain Eno (Music for Airports)

Relevant major essay title: “Compare Steve Reich’s ‘Come Out’, ‘Pendulum Music’ and Alvin Lucier’s ‘I am sitting in a room’ as examples of process music.”

Also discuss other essay titles.

Academic Writing

  • Understanding the difference between knowledge transformation and knowledge telling
  • Developing an individual voice
  • Constructing a bibliography, and using quotations / references in Harvard style